Go For Green is a nutritional recognition labeling system designed to provide a quick snapshot of the nutritional value of food choices in this facility. Food items are labeled GREEN (eat often), YELLOW (eat occasionally), and RED (eat rarely) based on the impact food can have on your overall performance.

When you Go For Green, you're choosing entrees with less than 300 calories and 10g of fat; starchy sides with less than 200 calories; whole fresh or frozen fruits without added fat, sugar or sauces. or fruit canned in its own juices; vegetables with less than 100 calories; desserts with less than 150 calories and 6g of fat; dairy from fat-free to 1o/o fat; and low calorie or calorie-free beverages. See handout for sodium information.

Detailed nutritional information on the Go For Green Initiative will be made available by this dining facility upon request

Eat Well - Perform Well

Go For Green